Summit Medical Group: Thrive - February 2019
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To Beat Heart Disease, Gender Is an Issue
The risk for heart disease increases as everyone gets older. But research suggests that time doesn’t take its toll on men’s and women’s hearts in the same way.
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Considering Weight-Loss Surgery?  •  Breaking Down Barriers to Weight Loss  •  The ABCs of Your Zzzs  •  Understanding Medicare Advantage
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Half of Cancer Deaths Can Be Prevented
Your future health is at least partly in your hands—particularly when it comes to cancer. That’s because what we do today can help defend us from cancer tomorrow.  learn more »
How Can Plant-Based Eating Help You?
“Eat a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.” This advice has been handed out for years as a key strategy in reducing high cholesterol levels.  learn more »
Practice Good Hygiene to Ward Off Germs
Everyone knows the misery of having a cold or the flu—the sneezing, coughing, fever, and body aches. These respiratory infections are no fun for anyone, so what can you do to protect yourself?  learn more »
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