Summit Medical Group: Thrive - March 2019
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Should You Get Screened Early for Colorectal Cancer?
You may think that colorectal cancer is only a problem for older adults. But recently, colorectal cancer has been increasing among younger adults and is the second biggest cancer killer.
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Considering Weight-Loss Surgery?  •  The ABCs of Your Zzzs  •  Understanding Medicare Advantage  •  Diabetes Management Support Group
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Take Sleep to Heart
If you think you can train yourself to function on less sleep without any negative effects, think again. Research shows that getting enough quality sleep is vital for mental health, physical health, and quality of life.  learn more »
Respiratory Illness? Antibiotics Probably Won’t Help
Your head aches, your throat burns, and your nose runs. You might think asking your doctor for antibiotics will speed your recovery. But new advice from two expert groups warns against it.  learn more »
The Brain Explained: Understanding Conditions of the Brain
Every feeling, movement, sensation, and behavior either begins or ends in your brain. Advances in neuroscience, or the study of the nervous system, mean new and effective treatments are available for many conditions that involve or affect the brain.  learn more »
Shining Light on Endometriosis
If a woman has endometriosis, some of the tissue that normally grows in the endometrium, or inner lining of the uterus, grows outside of the uterus.  learn more »
The Flu shot is your best defense against the flu this season!
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