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Summit Medical Group: Thrive - October 2018
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Should You Start Getting Mammograms Earlier?

Screening mammograms are breast x-rays that can detect breast cancer before it causes symptoms. Experts agree that mammograms save lives. But there’s a difference of opinion about the best age to start getting them. In guidelines from different groups within the past few years, the recommended starting age varies from 40 to 50. So, when should you get a mammogram?

The fact is, mammograms reduce deaths from breast cancer and that’s a huge benefit. The American Cancer Society says that screening mammograms should be an option starting at age 40, and all women should be getting them by age 45. At Summit Medical Group, we agree, strictly following The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Clinical Guidelines.

If you are a woman at average risk of breast cancer, we recommend starting screening mammogram at age 40. If you have not initiated screening in your 40s, you should begin screening mammography by no later than age 50 years or as recommended by your personal physician.

We suggest having a clinical breast exam every 1–3 years for women aged 25–39 and every year for women aged 40 and older.

Walk-In Mammography

Visit our Walk-In Screening Mammography locations in Florham Park and Livingston (more locations coming soon. Check the website!) to receive your mammogram. All mammography patients will receive a Thistle Farms Love Heals lip balm as a special thank you!

After your mammogram, take a selfie in front of our beautiful in-office floral wall display. Post it to Instagram using #GramYourMammSMG and challenge a special woman in your life to get her mammogram too!

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